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The Richard Mishaan Design Approach to Blending Eras

Richard Mishaan Design is as consistent of a top tier interior design company as there exists in the world. Centered out of New York, Richard Mishaan Design has been in business for over 25 years. Throughout the years the company has worked hard to establish themselves a great reputation for creating thought provoking, complex, and uniquely tailored designs for their clients. Over the years Mr. Mishaan has become one of the foremost designers in the industry and his work continues to inspire.

One favorite home of many Richard Mishaan Design fans is the Cartagena house. Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Bogota before becoming a transplant and heading over to the United States. In order to reconnect with his roots the Richard Mishaan Design team decided to create a project from the ground up in Bogota. This project is, of course, the Cartagena home. The Cartagena home is an old world getaway for Richard Mishaan and it features everything that makes his company, and his style, so successful. 500 year old wooden beams dress the living room to give that antique feeling. Sharp color choices and limited textures make the whole building more modern.

At the end of the day Richard Mishaan Design is all about delivering exactly what a customer acts for. You will never walk into a Mishaan designed room and think, “Wow, Richard Mishaan did a great job in here.” Instead your first thoughts will go directly to the inhabitant of the room. Richard Mishaan Design maintains their level of excellence by never forgetting who they are working for. For this design team, nothing is about ego — it’s all about delivering an amazing product. You can now see some of these products firsthand in Richard Mishaan’s newest table top art book which is called, “Artfully Modern”.