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Who is James Reese?

James Reese spent 25 years in the U.S. Army. He worked his way up the ranks, before retiring as the Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. This unit is colloquially known as the ‘Delta Force.’ Years of being in the army gave Reese a massive dose of self-discipline. In addition to this, the sensitive and dangerous nature of the missions he led gave him the expertise he needed to start his own business: TigerSwan.

TigerSwan is a private security company and a service-disabled, veteran-owned business. Currently, TigerSwan employs over 300 people and has interests and opportunities in over 50 countries. James Reese describes owning a business like this as both incredibly stressful and rewarding. Jobs for TigerSwan are often dangerous, meaning that Reese’s decisions could literally mean life or death. Beyond this, he is also responsible for paying and taking care of all his employees. While this seems less scary, Reese knows that a steady paycheck is a livelihood of another type. Despite this, he is grateful for the freedom and opportunity to run a business. He finds the process rewarding, despite the challenges behind it.

Tigerswan, James Reese

When James Reese commanded the Delta Force, he didn’t have to worry about paying his soldiers, it wasn’t part of the job. His superior officers would give him the best of the best because the missions were sensitive. At TigerSwan, he still wants to work with all the best people. The caveat? He must be able to pay all of them fairly. Oftentimes, sacrifices must be made as Reese can’t afford to hire the best people in every single field. Instead of hiring people with experience, in some areas, Reese looks to hire people that he thinks can grow into the role. By mentoring them and helping them he can create fantastic employees over time.

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The Simp!e Success Of Todd Levine

Simplicity is not just a concept, it is a way of life. Being straightforward and to the point keeps complications at bay. Keeping things simple and easy has been the way Todd Levine has risen to the top of his field.

As a lawyer Todd Levine seeks out the difficult cases no one else wants. He learned early on in his career that he had a knack at taking difficult, complicated cases and make them clear cut and easy to understand. He can reframe issues to make them something that is concise and clear.

He uses a few simple tricks to best use his time and be his most productive. The first of the tricks is to keep a list of everything that needs to be done everyday. The list lets him know where he has to be, what he has to do, and when he needs to file paperwork. Having a list also allows Todd Levine to always be prepared.

Preparation is a key aspect to Levine’s success. Know all the facets of every case. Foresee where arguments may lead and have evidence of your own to counter them. He also stresses the need to be attentive to your clients. Outside of the legal world attentiveness will aid in learning more about your surroundings and having the information needed to get ahead.

Todd Levine has come a long way since his days at Florida Levin College of Law. He graduated in 1991 with his Juris Doctorate. He would then soon be named Best Lawyer in 2018. Part of the reason he received the award was because of his unique creative ways to solve problems.

Todd Levine is a musician in his free time. He loves the arts and science. He has played the guitar since he was ten years old. He encourages both his boys to excel at playing their instruments.

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Robert Deignan Has Some Strong Opinions On The Value Businesses Gain By Outsourcing

ATS Digital Services is a business that provides help to companies that need solutions for their tech and digital-related issues. These services include anything from issues with connections to improving computer performance. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of ATS Digital Services is entrepreneur Robert Deignan. He has a strong academic background and studied at the state of Indiana’s revered Purdue University. After his graduation, Robert Deignan pursued a business career that has seen him achieve again and again. The type of dedication that Robert Deignan has put into his career is worth admiration and many aspiring young entrepreneurs have looked to him as a source for inspiration. He has succeeded in many different industries on his road to founding ATS Digital Services. These industries include investment, sports, and the technology sector.

Robert Deignan is known to have a deep base of knowledge when it comes to the world of business. His advice is routinely sought after and he recently gave his thoughts on many typical business processes that companies can save money on by utilizing outsourcing opportunities. Outsourcing can serve as an outstanding way to save on the bottom line and this is more important than ever in the ultra-competitive environment for business that today’s owners are faced with. 

The customer service department is the first area that Robert Deignan recommends outsourcing to save resources and money. There are a lot of opportunities for today’s businesses to utilize remote customer service providers and it is becoming an increasingly popular practice in today’s market. ATS Digital Services, the company that Robert founded, is an excellent choice for those looking to have their customer service needs met. The benefit of outsourcing this area of business is the fact that it frees up a great deal of time to focus on other areas. 

The sales department is another area of business where outsourcing might be an optimal solution in the opinion of Robert Deignan. When a business outsources this area, they do not have to spend a great deal of time on the training process of the sales team. There are quite a few businesses out there that provide excellent services within this area. The time saved in training can then be spent in ways that will be more valuable to the business’s overall growth and profitability.