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Louis Chênevert – The Epitome of a Global Business Leader

Louis R. Chênevert is the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of UTC. UTC stands for United Technologies Corporation. This is a manufacturing company in the aerospace industry. Louis R. Chênevert joined the corporation in 2006 and served for 8 years until 2014, when he resigned. Louis is learned and holds a degree in production management of HEC Montreal. Louis has received a number of accolades for his role as the head of UTC. HEC Montreal awarded him with an honorary doctorate, while Aviation Week & Space Technology, a prominent magazine in the United States featured him as the person of the year in 2011, the same year he received the honorary doctorate.

Louis R. Chênevert as the head of UTC made sure that the company recorded massive growth under his leadership despite facing a lot of challenges from other competing firms and the great economic recession of 2008. What left many people in awe is how he managed to make the company grow when others were crumbling due to tough economic times. Many companies that had established themselves were doing so badly at the time while others like Zenith actually died completely. Among the companies that survived is UTC.

Under the leadership of Louis R. Chênevert, UTC never had a bad year. Throughout the various challenges in the market at the time, UTC never retrenched workers, lowered their wages or engaged in activities that would violate the environmental regulations. UTC had its HQs in Hartford, Connecticut. It was worth about $63 billion.

UTC was involved in operations of assembling jet engines. They had clients from all over the world. They used to specialize in both commercial and military aircraft engines. UTC has another crucial role that it is engaged in, this of manufacturing elevators and escalators. Even as of today UTC is the number one manufacturer of the United States military helicopters.

Louis R. Chênevert as a business leader has been very successful in all the organization he has worked for. From his time at General Motors to Pratt & Whitney, he has left one mark, that of success.

Finances With Igor Cornelsen

Understanding your finances can be difficult, but it can be an easier process if you find someone who will be able to navigate you through the fields of financial stability. Igor Cornelsen on whitepages is someone who can give you what you need to be able to get to a financially secure place and provide you with the things that you need when it comes to your finances.

Businesses who choose to use Igor Cornelsen know that he is able to give an enhanced level of information to the businesses. He provides them with the information that they need to be able to succeed and gives them the advice that they need to increase profits. By hiring Cornelsen, businesses can increase their profits, choose the right investments and make a better chance for themselves in the world of finances. He is one of the best options for businesses who need to be able to have a more secure type of financial future.

Not only will Igor Cornelsen help you with your business, he will help you find the right business investment opportunities for your financial situation. Whether it be investing in a vehicle or a new business, he can give you the advice that you need. By following the expert advice that is given to you by Cornelsen, you will be able to get what you need out of your financial situation. It will enable you to become better and will give you the opportunity to have the best of the best concerning the investments that you make.

By choosing someone for your business and your investments, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn more about your financial situation. This will give you a competitive edge and can help improve your financial lifestyle. Igor Cornelsen is able to give you the best education possible when it comes to understanding your financial life. By making sure that you choose someone like Cornelsen, you will give yourself the opportunity to truly become more educated about the way that you are doing business and having investments.

Even if you do not own a business and do not want to make any major investments, Igor Cornelsen will be able to help you. As a personal financial advisor, he is someone who can give you the best of the best when it comes to your finances. Make sure that you use his services for all of your financial needs. He will be able to help you find what you should be doing for your finances to ensure that you have a strong financial future in front of you and that you can become someone who is truly stable in the way that finances are handled by you.