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The Journey of Eric Pulier’s Life and Career

Eric Pulier was born in 1966 and currently stays in Los Angeles, CA. He’s a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. Pulier grew up in Teaneck, NJ. While he was in the fourth grade, he started programming computers and opened a company for database computer in high school. In 1984, he went to Harvard University, where he majored in American literature, and English. Eric Pulier used to take classes at MIT, which was a neighboring school. In 1988, he graduated with great distinction and received a B.A Degree.

In 1991, Pulier went to stay in Los Angeles, where he founded PDT (People Doing Things). PDT was a company that was addressing education and health care, together with other issues using technology. He established Digital Evolution, which was an interactive agency, in the year 1994. In 1988, U.S Interactive merged with Digital Evolution. Pulier leads the effort of building the first private social network called Starbright World for children who were chronically ill, where they could blog, post content, chat, and meet with other children sharing similar experiences.

He was selected by the PIC (Presidential Inaugural Committee) to execute and create The Bridge to the Twenty-First Century in Washington D.C. He participated in the technology forum and health care of Al Gore, a former United States Vice President. He advised on technology initiatives and health care. He’s also a participant and supporter with the CGI (Clinton Global Initiative)

Pulier Co-founded ServiceMesh. He serves as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman. He is the founder of SOA Software and served as CEO and Chairman of the company for three years, and its CTO (Chief Executive Officer) for almost a year. He is a pioneer in the digital and software interactive industries for more than two decades.

Pulier is the co-founder of IVT (Interactive Video Technology) and Desktone. He works at LogicLibrary for Soa Software as Executive Chairman. He used to worked for AppSense, Inc, as a director. He works for ELC (Enterprise Leadership Council) as Executive Director. He used to work for MPOD Inc as Director, since the year 1998 up to 2000.

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John Goullet is not only a business owner but also arguably the most gifted individual in the IT sector. John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies. Being a leading expert in his field, John learned to focus mainly on offering solutions to his clients all over the world some being top Fortune companies. At the start of his career, he offered IT consultancy before venturing into the IT staffing industry.

His specialty rotated around rightly matching his potential consultants with clients basing on their skill sets, personality and work style. His company Info Technologies emerged as top privately managed companies as per the Inc Magazine in the US ranking is a cool eighth position, making it an award-winning organization. As a visionary, Goullet saw he would go far if he partnered with others. In 2010, John and Gene C. Wadd, an equally visionary entrepreneur and owner of DIVERSANT LLC, merged the Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC. Merging of this two made John assume the mantle of principal.

At the company, he actively solves challenges facing the rapid growing and evolving IT industry as well as formulating strategies and ideas that help Diversant image. As a principle, GOULLET ensures services to the Fortune 500 clients as well as his choice of mid-market. Diversant has taken up industry leaders to be part of its innovative team that has lead to its success under the guidance of Goullet and other senior executives.

Importantly, his professionalism has been demonstrated by driving the company and arguably registering drastic growth even during a tough economic downturn. His firm belief in teamwork has enabled him to build this IT staffing company. His firm belief in teamwork has allowed him to create this IT staffing company.

The company has grown rapidly, achieving a Minority-Owned business enterprise certification and becoming a look up to in its market with Goullet at the helm. Today, John is able continuously to strive in the way of establishing new, innovative ways of meeting the relative obstacles which are part of the ever-evolving field of the IT industry. Goullet has faith the future of DIVERSANT is dazzling. However, they have to be competent to deliver the best candidates to their clients for their future to remain bright.

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