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Dr. Holterman Interest In Children Lives On

He is one of the members of AACA, an association that brings together American clinical anatomists. The members are working on a project in which they want to develop a virtual human that they can print using 3D technology (

If the project succeeds, they hope to be using the virtual human for carrying out clinical tests. They will no longer require doing the tests on animals. They also hope that medical students will understand the human body better by studying it using this product.

Mark Holterman is also a member of an alliance that supports the development of cellular therapies. Their focus is to ensure the therapies are carried out safely and with minimum side effects. He is especially involved in the advancement of stem cell therapy.

Mark Holterman also serves in the global pediatric specialists’ alliance, which supports children in Vietnam. They give medical care and scholarships to the children registered with the organization.

He is affiliated with major hospitals in Illinois such as the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and the Carle Foundation Hospital. Mark Holterman performs procedures such as laparoscopic appendectomy, circumcision, pilonidal cyst excision, appendectomy and small bowel resection.

Mark Holterman is married to a pediatrician. He inspired his wife to pursue pediatric surgery with his passion for treating children. She says that the fulfillment he seemed to get from working with child patients drew her to the profession.

In his clinics, Dr. Mark Holterman accepts insurance cards such as BCBS Illinois PPO, Aetna HMO, CIGNA HMO and BCBS BlueCard PPO. He, however, advises his patients to consult him about the acceptance of their premiums.

The doctor, who speaks both English and Spanish, has three sons with his Vietnamese wife, Ai-Xuan. He reveals that he would willingly support an enterprise that thought of producing 3-D printable virtual children to sell to old people at a moderate cost.

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