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How Evolution Of Smooth Disrupted And Changed The Lip Balm Industry

Evolution of Smooth is now one of the most well known and successful lip balm brands in the country. A few years ago this lip balm brand did not even exist! How did a newcomer to the lip balm industry manage to have a meteoric rise above brands that have been in existence for over a hundred years? This story is about marketing, and coming up with new ideas for a stagnant product category.

The founders of Evolution of Smooth came from factory startups and big companies that develop a lot of different products such as Unilever. They knew that in order to break though in a market segment dominated by a few big players, they would need to really shake up the market. Before they launched a new product and developed a new brand, the founders of Evolution of Smooth which included Jonathan Teller, Craig Teller and Sanjiv Mehra did extensive research on the lip balm market.

The three founders found that lip balm was used mostly but not exclusively by women. They thus, decided to target their product at a female audience. Next, they analyzed some trends that were happening in healthcare and beauty. They found that the trend towards all natural and organic products was all the rage. Considering this, the creators of EOS lip balm decided to make their lip balm from all natural and organic ingredients. EOS created a massive following on Instagram as well as Facebook. EOS also patterned with major companies such as Keds and Disney by creating specific collection and balms for the brands.

Perhaps the biggest change made to the lip balm industry by EOS is its new packaging. They decided that their brand had to be set apart visibly from other brands. Instead of the traditional stick format, EOS would have a sphere package that contained the balm. These changes helped to put EOS lip balm as a unique and new brand into a category that had no seen any new developments for decades. In only seven short years time they went from virtually unknown, to selling their products in Walgreens, to now being found in every Target and Well store.

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