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Repton School’s Students and Athletes

Repton School is a co-educational independent school that has been in the English countryside since the sixteenth century. Mr. Mark Semmence is its 36th Headmaster. It caters to students from 13 to 18 years old. The school keeps up with the changes of the 21st century and is the model of a modern independent British School. The goal of the school is to produce internationally-minded students that are intellectually curious, culturally informed, resilient and self-motivated. They should not only be environmentally and politically informed but technologically fluent and confident.

The students have ten boarding houses where their meals are eaten. The Abbey helps girls build confidence in their ideas and identities. The Cross helps boys keep loyal house spirit and flourish while keeping common goals. The Field House helps girls find their school potential and foster friendships that last a lifetime. The Garden helps girls to make the best of school life while taking part in the loyal house spirit. Latham House values pride, positive attitudes and respect above all else. The Mitre has a unique house spirit with its friendly and lively lifestyle. New House is overly confident, but the boys are encouraged by warmth and friendliness. The Orchard is a supportive, close-knit community that values integrity. The Priory welcomes new students and helps them fit in. School House is a warm-spirited house that helps encourage boys through respect and communication.

Repton School is celebrating that 15 of its students have been selected to compete in the tournament for England Hockey’s Futures Cup, which is the top-level of England Hockey’s Player Pathway. This honor goes to Bea Bell, Ellie Barlow, Alicia Bailey, Tilly Butterworth, Bronte Brough, George Fletcher, Miranda Jackson, Izzi Evans, Ottilie Sykes, Ella Bowman, Hannah Laughton, Joe Sookias, Harry Stone, Sam Cossey, Zack Brough and Martha Broderick. Using intense competition it supports National Age Group Selection and development. Over four days, the competitors vs each other within age groups and regions. The Director of Hockey and Performance Sport Lead at Repton School is Mr. Martin Jones is pleased that so many students are in the U15 squads of the championship.