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What do want to be?

What to do with your life? The eternal question at least for high schoolers as the end of year comes closer. What’s it like for college students? Sam Bear shows us what it’s like for him at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco California. He is up by nine o’clock each day and lives in a former hotel turned dormitory owned by the university. Then he’s off to class where he studies in the School of Motion Pictures and Television. His student ID allows him access to the school shuttle service which takes him to one of his two classes. The first class of the day is Production Design which gives him background in behind the scenes action of film work. Then it’s Directing Actors Class where he gets to work with other students. After school activities for Sam Bear include time at one of the Campus Cafes where he can connect with friends, classmates or eat.

The Academy of Art University has been providing aspiring students with varying degrees of opportunity since 1929 when Richard S. Stephens founded the school which is still run by the same family with his granddaughter Dr. Elisa Stephens serving as current president. The school grants associate, bachelors and master’s degrees as well as teaching credential, certificate programs and continuing art education on campus or on line. The university keeps itself current by engaging staff who work in their field of teaching which gives students like Sam Bear real world experience.

With a student enrollment of some 14,000 the Academy of Art University is the largest of its kind in the country. The school practices an open enrollment policy and offers a variety of financing options. Students learn from established professionals in state-of-the-art facilities spread across the city.

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Who is James Reese?

James Reese spent 25 years in the U.S. Army. He worked his way up the ranks, before retiring as the Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. This unit is colloquially known as the ‘Delta Force.’ Years of being in the army gave Reese a massive dose of self-discipline. In addition to this, the sensitive and dangerous nature of the missions he led gave him the expertise he needed to start his own business: TigerSwan.

TigerSwan is a private security company and a service-disabled, veteran-owned business. Currently, TigerSwan employs over 300 people and has interests and opportunities in over 50 countries. James Reese describes owning a business like this as both incredibly stressful and rewarding. Jobs for TigerSwan are often dangerous, meaning that Reese’s decisions could literally mean life or death. Beyond this, he is also responsible for paying and taking care of all his employees. While this seems less scary, Reese knows that a steady paycheck is a livelihood of another type. Despite this, he is grateful for the freedom and opportunity to run a business. He finds the process rewarding, despite the challenges behind it.

Tigerswan, James Reese

When James Reese commanded the Delta Force, he didn’t have to worry about paying his soldiers, it wasn’t part of the job. His superior officers would give him the best of the best because the missions were sensitive. At TigerSwan, he still wants to work with all the best people. The caveat? He must be able to pay all of them fairly. Oftentimes, sacrifices must be made as Reese can’t afford to hire the best people in every single field. Instead of hiring people with experience, in some areas, Reese looks to hire people that he thinks can grow into the role. By mentoring them and helping them he can create fantastic employees over time.

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How Rodrigo Terpins Went From Race Car Driver To Environmentalist

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name in the Brazilian rally car racing world. It’s no surprise why; one of his most recent efforts in the field say him come eighth overall in the 22nd Sertões Rally in a car that many had doubts about. Despite this, he completed the first leg of the 2,600km, seven city circuit in about two hours. While he didn’t end up coming first in the race, he came in third in his division and eighth overall among close to forty competitors.

Despite all of his accomplishments, however, Rodrigo Terpins hasn’t just been focusing on his driving career over the past decade. In 2009 he set up Floresvale with the aim of developing a more sustainable and renewable timber source in Brazil. He got this idea when he found out that the majority of timber produced in Brazil isn’t certified and thus isn’t sourced from ethical farms. Because of that, he and a few of his partners decided to do something about it. When it was initially founded, Floresvale focused on creating timber for the sawmills in Paraíba Valley and mainly grew eucalyptus forests.

The Paraíba Valley is right in the middle of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the two biggest cities in the country. Because of that, the Valley uses up more timber than many other areas in the country. Rodrigo Terpins has seen the company grow to operate in São Luiz do Paraitinga, Queluz, Monteiro Lobato, Silveiras and Taubaté. Across the entire area, Floresvale manages 5,000 hectares of forest. Out of this, almost half is dedicated to preserving forest life; according to the company, 2,400 hectares have been specifically allocated to permanent preservation, native woods, and legal reserve areas.

It currently stands as the leading source of timber in the Paraíba Valley, either certified and uncertified. Through its long-term vision, Floresvale is not only trying to help the environment with their permanent reserves and sustainable forests, but it’s also creating long-lasting jobs in the industry. It currently boasts a workforce of close to 100 people to take care of the entire forests as well as other aspects of the timber trade.


Executive Shaygan Kheradpir

In today’s world technology has increasingly sharped our society and and how we view the world. Most of us spend our days immersed in the world of technology and having our lives made better because of it. We are able to stay in touch with others as a result of the communications networks that have been formed by many companies. We are also able to have better access to technology that enables us to have houses that warm in the winter and cooler in the summer as well as the chance to enjoy amazing new medical developments that allow many people to live longer and happier lives.

One person who has helped many people around the world have access to new and improved technological developments is Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir is highly trained technology executive with an extensive background in the field of business and engineering. He has been instrumental in helping provide people with the chance to be able communicate with more easily with others directly no matter where they live and work. His education in this field has been quite impressive. Shaygan Kheradpir has bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in the field of electrical engineering from Cornell University, a highly prestigious college located in Ithaca, New York. Since completing his education, he has worked in the technology field for many years enjoying a great deal of success and working hard to help others in the process.

For over a decade, Shaygan Kheradpir on cornell worked for Verizon, a large telecomunications company that is devoted to providing people with access to phone, internet and cable services. Under his leadership, the company was able to develop many new products to help serve the needs of their customers. While there, he oversaw such product development as well as worked with many co-workers as they worked hard to consider the needs of their clients and do all that they could to provide for such needs. Kheradpir was the much respected CIO/CTO at Verizon for a long period of time. While there, he helped more than seven thousand workers to support the technology division of the company. His efforts there also helped to lead to the development of new and impressive products such as such as Iobi.

He later worked at Barclays for two years until 2013. His work there lead him to the position of Chief Executive Officer at the highly respected Juniper Networks in 2014 where his devotion to excellence was noted by many workers as well as those who were working with the company as consumers. Since that time, Kheradpir has worked as the head of the Coriant, a company that is working to develop both software and hardware for the optical transmission of all kinds of data via a highly updated and vast network that allows people across the country and the world to be able to directly communicate with each other.

The Philanthropic Face of Bruce Levenson


Since 1977, Levenson has been providing entrepreneurial business services to a wide variety of companies, through evolving data, information and technological advances. All the while, he has been investing his own time, and eventually money, into philanthropic ventures focused on improving the communities in which his corporations reside.

In the mid 1980’s, Levensons’ first company – United Communications Group “UCG” – was the first corporate sponsor for the “I Have a Dream” project, which offers low-income children the opportunity to gain college educations. UCG still maintains its strong corporate philosophy of giving back, and has created the UCG Community Helpers Program, which has assisted people affected by the 9/11 events and Hurricane Katrina, among others.

Levenson’s investment in higher education is also seen in his support of the SEED Foundation, which provides academic-rich, 24 hour-a-day support to inner city youth. The SEED Foundation has opened boarding schools in 5 states and the District of Columbia, each promising its’ students quality, academically-focused living and educational opportunities to which they would not normally have access.

Levensons’ commitment to education crosses international and political lines, as well, as is seen in his support of Seeds of Peace “SoP”. SoP convenes an annual camp in Maine, hosting international delegates who are youth 14-16 years of age. They are selected – and housed – specifically because their respective nations are seen as historic enemies. At Camp, the delegates participate in programs with the purpose of removing false barriers, and building bridges over centuries-wide hostilities.

Levenson and his wife, Karen, have been very involved with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington DC. Mrs. Levenson’s mother is a survivor of the Holocaust, making Levenson’s experience of it uniquely personal to him and his family. Through his work with this remarkable organization, Levenson seeks to ensure the lessons of the Holocaust remain available to generations to come.

Bruce Levensons’ efforts to improve the world spring from the same well of creativity and entrepreneurialism as do his professional pursuits. This is yet another reason to look to Bruce Levenson for leadership as we move into this new century.

Asia’s Pre-Eminent Direct Selling Corporation: QNet

QNet is a Hong Kong based direct selling company, which offers a plethora of products in a diverse group of markets. They are the flagship subsidiary of the Qi Group, founded by Vjay Eswaran in 1998. The company’s ecommerce platform enables them to sell goods across a wide range of countries. Customers can use QNet in over 100 countries to get the products they require. The company has expanded its business from South East Asia to the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. They have even expanded into parts of Europe and Russia.

QNet offers products related to energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury goods and fashion accessories. Examples of popular items include luxurious jewelry and Swiss-made watches.
The products are sold directly by QNet, but are also referred by independent representatives. These individual representatives are paid on commission for their sales and for recruiting more representatives to also work for QNet.
QNet invests heavily in their core values and philosophies. The company relies on a grass-roots movement philosophy, where ordinary people are the cornerstone for their business model. Their core values are service, teamwork, integrity, and results oriented service. The company also adheres to two core philosophies: RYTHM and InService.
The founders cite Ghandi as the inspiration behind their core philosophy, RYTHM: Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. They practice this by empowering all of their associates to be successful in order to ensure that the entire business is successful.
The company operates using the principal of service above self, both when dealing with their network of customers and also with their employees. Humility is an important value in QNet’s relations.
By expanding into new markets from 2007 to 2012, the company was able to increase its direct sales by 70%. In 2013, the company announced its intention to move manufacturing to India to provide a cost benefit between 8 and 12%. In 2014, the company announced a partnership with Barclays Primer League Champions, Manchester City.

BRL Trust: A Great and Wise Investment

BRL Trust, originally started in 2005, provides “trust services in private loans”. At the time, the company already had more than 100 loans in their first year. This sudden growth demonstrates the high success rate of the business. A person can have great confidence in BRL Trust, due to this fact. “BRL Trust . . . is the largest independent administrator of the investment funds in Brazil . . .”. This makes the company the most trusted in Brazil. Anyone who is leery about BRL Trust can cast their doubts away. Overall, the company has a high trust factor with a very fast growth and success rate.

Like most companies, BRL Trust has a set of values and agendas. Here’s what theirs’ are: “The BRL TRUST Investments mission is to meet the demands of their customers in a safe, efficient and transparent way, through skilled and experienced team, with the main differential processes and controls unique, internally developed from knowledge acquired over its performance in the sector”. As apparent, the company has staff that are trained well and are willing to help the needs of clients. BRL Trust is one of the best companies one can possibly invest in. The company “values ethics” and “[respects] the . . . legal system and the [needs] of clients”. The company will follow the laws of finances while satisfying its clients’ needs at the same time. BRL is completely against money laundering and has a set of ethic and professional conduct codes. By setting these policies and codes, the business demonstrates their high level of moral and conduct. BRL Trust offers many different types of services.

Fiduciary services, funds management, custody funds, resource management, and asset underwriting are some of the services offered by the company. One also has the option to actually work with the company, as a career.  Not only do they offer great opportunities, but they have a highly secure money system. This is one of the most important factors that an investor has in mind. Any investor can have full confidence that their money is safe with BRL Trust. For one interested in such an opportunity, he/she is able to contact the company and register.

On their website, they have a contact area where they can be contacted via email or phone. If someone is having serious trouble with their business, they can talk to BRL agents for advice. Even tax problems can be fixed by their staff team, in a legal way. Keep in mind, if you do visit their website you will have to translate the page into your language, as it is a company based in Brazil after all.

Vijay Eswaran’s Guide To Decision Making

Decision making is an art and no one understands this better than QNET’s CEO Vijay Eswaran. He has written four books on various topics, including his reflections and thoughts on success and tools important to be successful in life. His books are doorways to achieving satisfaction in not only one’s personal life but also the business world and any other arena. In his blog, Vijay Eswaran talks about perfect the art of decision making with the help of 7 steps –

1. Correcting Decisions Is Key To Success – Vijay Eswaran mentions how it is rarely possible for decisions to be completely correct when they are made because information is not always available in its entirety. However, the path to success is to correct them with experience and new information.

2. Success Doesn’t Depend On First Decisions – Eswaran compares the obsession of getting the first decision right to choosing the winning horse.

3. The Last Decision Is Everything – Not only is the last decision important for a satisfying conclusion to a long journey, Eswaran comments that it is also a clue to how accurate the first decision was. Thus, the final decision is more important than the first one. More of that can usually be found on Twitter.

4. Fear of Decision Is Akin To Failure – Eswaran argues that some people stand by delayed decisions because these people believe that making a decision is more important than anything else. He concedes that in certain situations, waiting is better than acting rashly.

5. Intuitive Decision Making Is a Myth – According to Eswaran, intuitive decision making is nothing but a lifetime of experiences manifesting in the form of “intuition’. He also mentions that intuition is created by failures and caution.

6. Three Ps of Decision Making – The three main factors vital to any decision are a) Projection – i.e. understanding the impact that the decision will have; b) Preparation – i.e. analysis and research; and c) Planning – i.e. implementation of decisions are per the plan.

7. Decisions Can Be Changed, Stagnancy Cannot – Finally, Eswaran ends on the advice that while decisions might be like drawings on sand, not moving has permanency. Thus, making decisions is important than not making them.

Vijay Eswaran has jotted down these pointers on the basis of his own life’s experiences.

Mark Ahn: Biotech’s next big thing

Have you heard of Mark Ahn? If you have not, then please stay tuned. In biotech Mark Ahn seems to be everywhere and we are not quite sure how he has the time! NOt only is he wearing many hats in the biosciences industry; but he is also running companies and educating the next wave of change makers as an adjunct professor and contributor to many literary publications in his field.

Currently Dr. Ahn is residing in Portland, Oregon and is currently running a successful biotech consulting firm, Pukana Partners. This is not Dr. Ahn’s first go around in the entrepreneur seat though, previously he served as founder and CEO of Hana Biosciences. He also served as CEO of Galena Biopharma. It seems as though he is balancing a successful business while still maintaining hunger for advancement in his field.

A regular contributor to peer review journals and author of “Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business”, amongst other works. He also finds himself guiding the next area of biotech consults, and future entrepreneurs as an adjunct professor at PSU. There is something to be said about the successful CEO who still finds time to educate and mentor in their field. Sharing the expertise and experience that Dr. Mark Ahn has of the biotech business is priceless.

Biotech companies large and small are also taking Dr. Ahn into account. His consulting of start up businesses can really change the effectiveness and efficiency so that companies can concentrate on their development. Growth and development in biotech ultimately benefits us as when it is done effectively and that is what Dr. Mark Ahn has set out to do.

Although we can not really pinpoint where you might find Dr. Ahn in the future, his ever evolving career and business endeavors have taken him across the globe many times; we are sure that you will be able to track him down with his head in a book and his feet on the pavement. Always learning, creating, evolving, and sharing his love for the advancement of business and biotechnology.