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Successful and Talented, Todd Levine Combines Legal Acumen and Artistic Flair

Todd Levine is an attorney who practices at the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman. Katzen, and Levine law firm located in Miami, Florida. He is renowned for his analytical skills while representing clients in land disputes and real estate litigation. He also has a creative side and enjoys playing the guitar and bass. Todd Levine appreciates art and is himself an accomplished artist.

Todd Levine is an expert and experienced attorney who represents clients in cases relating to real estate disputes, land disputes, class actions and, mass tort defense. He received his law degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. He received his license to practice in the year 1991. He co-founded the law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman. Katzen, and Levine in the year 2009. The firm has offices in Miami and Boca Raton in Florida and Minneapolis in Minnesota. The Best Lawyers in America in their 2019 edition recognized the services provided by the firm in the area of real estate litigation and the ethical practices adopted by the firm while serving clients.

Todd Levine says that his secret to being a successful litigator is his ability to simplify issues and arguments to make it easy for judges and juries to understand the case. He also arranges his work correctly by making to-do lists of priority tasks. He believes that thorough preparation is required to succeed in a lawsuit. He asks young lawyers to choose and specialty and to become the best in that specialty. He says that he has grown successfully in the legal profession because of his client-focused approach. He is an attorney woo takes time to understand the needs of his clients carefully and responds to any doubts they may have within 24 hours. He enjoys playing musical instruments and encourages his children to develop their musical talents.

Todd Levine is an excellent attorney who combines analytical acuity and creative talent in providing the best possible representation of the case of his clients before judges, juries and arbitrators. This is why he is one of the most sought-after attorneys in the area of real estate litigation and land disputes.

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Todd Levine: Super Attorney of the Year

An attorney usually don’t get much attention for their efforts unless they’re representing a major client; and even in those cases, the client(s) receives much of the attention. Once delved into the world of litigation, attorneys are more acknowledged by one another. The most recognized business attorney in Florida is Todd Levine.

Todd Levine is a founding member of one of the most respected law firms in Florida; Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L. Levine specializes in commercial real estate litigation, though he also occasionally handles cases dealing with sports and entertainment and investment partnerships and finance arrangements.

His real estate representations usually include clients who are real estate brokers, property managers, buyers and sellers, investors, and contractors. Many of those cases deal with disputes concerning projects and transactions. His creative process also him to develop winning strategies that have made him the go-to specialist for many Florida-based real estate clients.

In 1988, he earned a Bachelor’s in Finance from the University of Floridaand went to earn a law degree from Florida Levin College of Law in 1991. Outside of law, he enjoys playing his own music and art and science. He utilizes that unique combination of passions to see things differently.

His ability to see things differently is only complemented by his ability to simplify the intricate. One reason people struggle to understand the ins and outs of litigation is that it’s naturally confusing to someone without a law degree.

Todd Levine has a natural talent for taking complex issues and litigation and making it easier for a judge and jury to understand. He discovered that talent early in his career when he was put on an extremely complex case. He quickly figured out how to explain things in such a way that he settled the case in his client’s favor.

Since then, Todd Levine has continued seeking out complex cases. Successfully settling and winning those cases is why he’s the most referred attorney by numerous clients who come to him for help.

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The experts have already made their predictions regarding how real estate sector in New York is going to fare in 2016. Most of the predictions made touch on prices of the houses and condominiums. They also show how the stock exchange will stand to influence the real state. Other predictions show how demand and supply graphs will look like in 2016. New rentals are expected to attend the real estate party in 2016. These rentals are going to affect the real estate pricing and stock exchange in one or the other. The other big prediction that is already taking effect in the New York real estate sector is the fact that interest rates will rise thus reducing the number of sales made.

Town Residential is among the companies that are predicted to come out successful this year. This company deals majorly with residential property. It sells and rents out apartments and luxury condos. The diversity is one thing that has enabled Town Residential to survive the wavy New York real estate industry for many years. The price of this company’s shares in the stock exchange cannot be affected by a problem experienced on one side of the industry. Predictions, therefore, show that it will sail through 2016 to garner more success than its competing companies.

Prices in Brooklyn and Queens are expected to rise than ever before. An increase in the prices and the slow rate of buying will finally bring the prices back to low again. This produces a cycle in the prices and rates in this region’s real estate investment. Brooklyn pacific street is the most sought for place. Many of Town Residential property is found along this strip which puts it at the top of its competitors.

Buyers in Brooklyn will get the temptation of buying rental buildings that give more incentives. However, Brooklyn, according to the predictions will have more investments regarding real estate. This factor is going to give buyers the option of only renting the houses. Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn are going to have more rental being built thus affecting their chances of being bought.