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Securus Should Be Proud Of Video Visitation Technology

Imagine you’re a young child looking forward to the holidays. The days are getting shorter and the ever present darkness seems to bring a melancholy mood over the festivities. This is because one of your parents is behind bars. It’s fairly common, the ACLU estimates that more than 2.7 million children have at least one parent in prison.


Just imagine how difficult the holidays would be in the situation. Your parent is still in the picture but you cannot communicate with them. You could try to give them a phone call on the holiday, but the phone services that you use generally cut out and are very expensive. And you have been told that a physical visit would be impossible. Your parent is simply too far away and it is too expensive to drive all the way to their prison. It is as if your parent has been removed by death or a nasty divorce.


Securus Technologies, a prison telecommunications company, provides more than 178 prisons across this country with video visitation technology. It is a new innovation that the company is eager to advertise. In fact, Securus is in the midst of an advertising campaign promoting the benefits of prisoner video visitation rights.


This company should be proud of what they have accomplished. This kind of technology can mitigate the circumstance described above. A young child can schedule a video visitation with their parents during the holidays. They do not have to waste any time driving all the way to the prison, going through embarrassing security checks and waiting inside of and intimidating prison. They can simply log in, enjoy the festive scene and to be taken to any part of the house. This technology can save childhood experiences like this for millions of young people across the country.


I Am Happy To Help Others Use Securus

I came into contact with Securus when I dealt with a minor incident in my family. I saw advertising for their services, and I have had an account ever since. I rarely use Securus myself, but I am on a personal crusade to help the elderly in my area learn to use it. This article explains how I handle my newfound calling to bring families together.

#1: Securus Is A Video Calling Service

There are quite a few people who are not clear on what Securus is. The company is a secure video calling network, and they have established a network that reaches prisons across America. I have taught little old ladies how to use Securus to call their grandchildren, and I have taught youth in my community how to reach adults in their families.

#2: The Securus Application Is Excellent

The Securus application is tied to the account you set up, and I have used to app myself to connect to a video call. The video calls work exactly like other video calling apps you may have used in the past, and the app offers video and audio connections. You are free to place a simple phone call, but you may have a video image on the screen if you like.

#3: Securus Takes Moments To Set Up

I go into homes in my community on weekends to help people who want to start a new Securus account. I sit everyone down to learn about the app, and I enter their information for them if necessary. They are on a video call quickly, and I may move on to the next person who needs help.

I am quite happy with Securus as a company, and they have lit a spark in me that was not there before. I feel a sense of accomplishment helping families get connected.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.