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Betterworks Survey Reveals a Need for Improvement in Performance Management


An industry-wide survey of people managers found that talent management within enterprise businesses is in serious need of improvement. Survey results indicate that frontline managers are not satisfied with their organization’s talent management and workforce performance improvement methods. The managers also indicated that they do not feel fully supported and that their talent management practices are less helpful and more of a hindrance to the organization.

Betterworks, a Continuous Performance Management® software solution, created the survey and reported its findings. The Betterworks survey uncovered an alarming lack of alignment in these large enterprise organizations. Only one-third of the managers surveyed were confident that all their employees understood the company’s mission and vision, and 62% admitted their organization does not clearly communicate what each employee is accountable for. A similar number of managers admitted to not having a clear understanding of top company priorities for the next 12 months.


The survey also indicated that managers are unable to use their current performance processes to coach their employees or communicate key objectives and set goals. Instead, managers find the performance programs outdated. 

Doug Dennerline, CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board at Betterworks, says that people managers can make or break a company’s performance. He feels that it is important that HR provides managers with the necessary training and equipment for effective performance management. 

Betterworks provides integrated software solutions that replace outdated review processes. Betterworks’ Continuous Performance Management® programs help managers inspire their workforce and motivate employees to meet organizational goals and challenges.

Brown Agency- Scaling the heights of Modelling

Are you planning a new advertising campaign in Texas and looking for a service that can provide you the versions you desire? In that case, look no more than The Brown Modeling Agency. That’s because The Brown Modeling Agency is an Austin-based modeling agency that is one of the finest in the area and one of the finest in the field. – Formerly recognized as Wilhelmina Austin, The Brown Agency is still connected with the world-famous Wilhelmina versions, but also functions as an independent entity. In the last four years it has developed her standing, therefore it is frequently the only agency that utilizes a business or an advertising agency when it needs templates to get a campaign and just wants to deal with them.

The Brown Modeling Agency has a lot of versions in their books: people, and children, and all are trained and educated in what they need to know about the modeling industry till they receive their first job. Nevertheless, if you rent a model from this company, you can expect it to arrive punctually to do what it was paid for and have no problem with. Which versions do you have in your publications? – The Brown agency presents all sorts of versions. The agency opens doors to beginning kids and teenagers in business to those who have modeled for 20 decades or longer. Whether you need a model that can represent the girl next door to your new advertising campaign, or whoever your mother can playwith, The Brown Agency will have somebody in your books who’s perfect.In the last four decades it has developed her reputation, therefore it’s often the only agency that utilizes a company or an advertising agency when it needs templates for a campaign and just wishes to deal with them.

Experience working with the finest: The agency works with local businesses in central Texas, but also sends versions to cities like Los Angeles and Miami, where they work with some of the planet’s best customers. Companies such as Toyota, Louis Vuitton, and Estee Lauder have commissioned models from The Brown Agency, and models have entered the podiums of New York, Miami , and Los Angeles . They also have headquarters in Dallas and Los Angeles, so if you need to film in these cities today or later on, there is already a local agency that could assist you. Begin with this Brown Modeling Agency: Beginning your very first campaign with the bureau is simple. All Is needed is for you have to do is declare your job and let it possess the version types you require for an open telephone. Select the ones that suit your campaign, employ them through The Brown Agency, and negotiate the terms. Then start recording. It’s so simple. Check out to see more.