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The Joseph Bismark Business Style


A versatile leader that creates vigorous activities and accelerates progress has become the defining quality of Joseph Bismark corporate and spiritual strategies. He merges the business leadership structure with spirituality which centralizes on the tenant of honesty. From this central core comes a list of virtues that manifest in philanthropic acts that help poor people. One of the characteristics of a Bismark company comes as listening to every person’s opinion no matter what the title. A founding director of the QI group known for its empowerment of entrepreneurship, urban lifestyle and innovative solutions for education. 

Early Years

Joseph Bismark’s early years were spent in a Philippine ashram from the age of 9 to about 17 years old. Entering the corporate world he partnered with Vijay Eswaran for QI Group and for a 7 years managing director. Focusing on hospitality, education, and retail, 30 countries have been touched by the Bismark way. His ability to offer guidance has proven anyone can excel and succeed in a business. What he has done is set a precedent to show that faith and business are not mutually exclusive. He passes on his basic adherence to Absolute Truth to his employees. It results in a positive outcome and desire to work hard at a business enterprise with much humility that has created large enterprises.


Along with his spirituality Joseph Bismark also proposes a healthy lifestyle. His companies support organically grown produce, yoga events, and daily exercise. It encourages employees to find a healthy lifestyle as well. In a WordPress blog named End of an Earring, it explains well that servant leadership works in the spiritual environment as well as the corporate one.