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Heavy Metal Legend Cassio Audi Goes From Viper To Investment Specialist

The investment specialist Cassio Audi would seem to have taken the traditional route to becoming a success after studying at Brazil’s Pontifical Catholic University and completing his education with an MBA from Sao Paulo University; however, what few people know or understand about Cassio Audi is his early life as a teenage drummer touring Brazil with the legendary heavy metal band, Viper. Audi appears on a series of early recordings that built the initial following of the band and created the base of support that would lead to them continuing to tour long into 2017.

In 1985, the life of Cassio Audi began to take a different turn when the teenage drummer got together with a number of friends in Sao Paulo and created the band Viper; Yves and Pit Passarell are known as the founders of Viper, but the initial following and development of the band can be put down to the commitment of the members of Viper, the Passarell brothers, vocalist Andre Matos, guitarist Felipe Machad, and drummer Cassio Audi. The band made its name from touring and live shows allowing the members to show off their impressive musical abilities.

It may seem difficult to compare the successful financial specialist of the present day with the heavy metal drummer of the 1980s, but Cassio Audi showed his commitment to both the band and the career he hoped to established as a teenager. Although he had already begun to find success as a drummer with Viper in 1985 with the release of a series of demo recordings showing the influence of British heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, on Viper. Audi would help to form the sound of the debut studio album from Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise” before leaving to begin the successful career he now continues with as a finance and investment specialist.

Eva Moskowitz: Leading the Success of Her School Networks

The state appeals court have just awarded $720,000 to the network of charter schools owned by Eva Moskowitz, called the Success Academy. According to the ruling, the version of pre-kinder contract that the city of New York is trying to impose into the network of schools managed to overstep their authority.

Right after the deliberation of the ruling, Eva Moskowitz traveled to Washington to receive the Broad Prize – a recognition given annually to operators of charter schools who are contributing to the outstanding academic performance of students coming in from low-income family backgrounds and students who are non-White. Currently, Success Academy is a strong conglomerate of 41 schools, educating more than 14,000 students from the city of New York coming from poverty stricken families. Because of the school network’s dedication to aid the children of New York City through their studies, they have been nominated for the award once again, just like the previous year.

The award that was given is a testament, not just for the Success Academy school network, but also for Eva Moskowitz because of her passion to innovate and develop the education system for generations to come. One of these innovations that are being developed is the Ed Institute, an online database of training resources and free curriculum that is highly accessible to everyone and it is regarded to be the foundation of the school network’s system.

This brand new addition to Success Academy’s academic tools would be putting them into another horizon – higher compared to where they were at before. Considered to be the largest charter school network in the city of New York, more people are expected to enroll and benefit from their system. People are seeing the results of hard work that the students are exhibiting – they keep on dominating state tests, receiving high scores and have always been on the top performing schools, even beating some private institution that are expected to perform well. For comparison, the least performing school of the Success Academy network was able to push at least 90% of its students to get a grade at or above last year’s level, during math tests. The rating given was considered to be higher than average, proving how they prioritize to educate their students. Another score comparison was with English Language Arts, specifically reading skills, where 75% of the students were at or above last year’s grade level. Compared to the affluent suburban schools around New York City, the score that Success Academy received is much higher.


Eva Moskowitz can be credited for the success of her charter school network. Her passion and dedication to help the children are the two main factors on why Success Academy became successful, and no other school in the United States can ever claim the same feat that they have reached. Students are always motivated to study, resulting in better grades. Success Academy has been criticized a number of times for not sharing their secret to success – but as per Eva Moskowitz, schools should always remember that the involvement of the children’s family is what drives their school to triumph.


Have You Heard of DuoDB?

NuoDB is a memory centric, ACID compliant, elastic SQL transactional database management system. NuoDB has been used by companies such as Dassault Systèmes, Kodiak, Alfa Systems and UAE Exchange. NuoDB uses a distributed object architecture. The SQL databases can be scaled out by adding new servers. And by creating new servers, the database runs faster. This is much easier than having to replace or upgrade hardware. Many have referred to database style as NewSQL. By using a three-tier archetectural structure with administrative, transactional and storage tiers, NuoDB can work without loose coupling applications, and run cloud database based applications with encumbering them.

NuoDB divides data elements into software individual objects. These objects are referred to as “atoms.” These atoms are then stored in a database built around a cache. These in-memory caches support cloud elasticity without partitioning, sharding or compromising data objects. All data objects stored using NuoBD remain safe and secure, while still allowing the elasticity that comes with cloud databases.

Bruno Fagali: How to Choose A Competent Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is an attorney that has practiced for many years. Bruno Fagali can help you handle both personal and business matters. Numerous clients rely on him to help resolve their legal cases effectively.

Getting a good lawyer should not be a stressful or difficult matter. There are many good attorneys out there by you simply need to find a law firm or an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours.

Hiring an attorney can be beneficial to you. The law is complicated, and it’s advisable to seek expert assistance with your legal problems. If you are not an attorney then you should hire one in certain situations. Even experienced attorneys typically hire a lawyer to represent them in court.

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It is important to get help from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. Similarly, failing to seek legal help when facing a business problem, can make matters worse.

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Bruno Fagali is a Administrative Law attorney. Based in Brazil, Bruno Fagali represents clients throughout the nation. His clients come from many different industries and they have confidence in his ability to resolve their case effectively.



NuoDB on Technology

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB is a database company founded in 2008. Its claim to fame is the “elastically scalable database” concept, which it got patents for in 2012. The idea behind it is to take traditional SQL and then take it to the next level. The idea behind this technology is to get rid of bottlenecks through distributed objects architecture, based in the Cloud. This is accomplished by using a peer-to-peer messaging and multiple processors to deliver data to the right place.

The world is moving towards cloud computing or at least a hybrid server/cloud computing environment. However, this new technology comes with its own perils, mainly latency. NuoDB saw an opportunity to bridge this reliability gap. And that is how in a nut shell the elastically scalable database came to be. It offers the guarantees of relational databases running on cloud computing and clients. The way it is set up makes it a single logical SQL cloud database running all of the systems. The company was founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. Mr. Starkey is something of a legend in the world of database technology. And Barry Morris brings years of experience from running other software companies. What makes NuoDB unique is that they are the only ones offering this type of technology.

Investment Management in Brazil

The economy of Brazil is really starting to take off in recent years. With this growth, a lot of people are able to save money and build wealth for the future. Cassio Audi has proven that he knows how to help people with their investment management principles. Over the years, he has built his business up to what it is today by adding value to the lives of others. Cassio Audi is one of the leading people in the world when it comes to helping others in a variety of ways with their finances. A lot of people in Brazil have extra money for the first time in their lives. Not only that, but they are ready and willing to start investing for the future as well.

Cassio Audi

From the time he started his own business, Cassio Audi has been working hard to make things happen in the lives of other people. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the other changes that he is making as well. With the growth of his business, he has started to add other locations to serve more customers. This is a great way for him to make a positive difference in the lives of other people over the years. If you are ready to learn how to manage your finances, this is a great way to do so.

Getting Started

If you are curious about how to improve your finances, you need an action plan to take. Cassio Audi is a great financial advisor who understands how to help others in a variety of ways. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the changes that are going on in the economy. He believes that now is a great time to start investing in this area to drive growth and value.

Securus Technologies’ Focus on bettering Its Field Service Professionals

Securus Technologies is a company that has majored in the provision of telecommunication solutions for correctional facilities in the United States. The services that the firm provides emphasize on investigation, monitoring, correction, and ensuring that the public is safe. The company recently revealed that 11 experts that work at it filed service department have been certified by a professional body that is recognized across the world. The experts of the company will now have the skills to offer unparalleled technological services to the clients.


The Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is an institution that was formed by ICT specialist, and it is used in supporting their careers. The ICT sector is broad, and it is made up of various fields, which include audio & video, electronic safety, voice, data, and project management techniques. BICSI helps professional who have its certification and its members to be able to form, fix, control, and support ICT developments. These projects are primarily associated with paths, spaces, systems that are wireless, substructure, and supply networks that are made from copper and fiber. The BICSI as a multinational organization has spread to about 100 nations and it is useful to 23,000 ICT experts who use it for journals, certification, seminars, and training.


Danny de Hoyos, who is the operations senior deputy president of the Securus Technologies, believes the BICSI is a reputable institution that offers the best in-job-training for employees of a company. Allowing the staff members to acquire extra knowledge is important since it boosts their level of skills, and therefore, they can offer the best solutions to the clients. The professional who were trained by the (BICSI) are highly experienced since they have worked for the company for approximately 15 years. Securus Technologies’ main offices are in Dallas, Texas and most of its clients are in North America.


Adam Sender: The Wall Street Expert With an Eye for Art

It would be quite unexpected to read a biography about anyone that listed the individual as a Wall Street whiz and a stunningly talented art expert. The two do not seem to have anything in common, and yet, that is exactly what would be written about Adam Sender. This successful hedge fund manager did not reserve all of his talents for investing in the market. He has also spent many years investing in some of the finest art pieces the world has seen.

His collection of art works are not what many may expect. Sender did not spend his money or his time purchasing Monet’s or the works of Van Gogh. Instead, he did what a smart investor would. He looked for lesser known artists with great potential and purchased their work instead. He bought when prices were low, with the knowledge that there was room for the value of each individual acquisition to grow.

The ability to recognize when an artist has genuine talent and can create a work that will appeal to other collectors in the future, is not a skill that everyone has. Yet Sender has made it seem almost easy. He has shown a genuine flair for appreciating true talent and has amassed a collection that has left many in the art world stunned, and admittedly, a little envious as well.

The extent of his collection has come to light recently as he began offering some of his pieces up for sale. Many have been on display prior to their scheduled sale dates. Not surprisingly, when discussing the art and how he chooses what to purchase, Sender sounds less like the starry-eyed art lover than many may expect from someone with such a large collection. It would seem that even in a world that is hard to define what is good and what is not, Sender had a formula for seeking out talent that, for him, was successful in nearly every instance.
Whether his method of seeking experienced, yet relatively unknown artists who are poised on the brink of success would be a skill others could copy is a matter of speculation only. While his method may seem simple to him, many see it as they would his financial investing. It is a process that takes genuine talent and a mind for recognizing where trends are moving before anyone else is able to notice.

QNet Moves Production To India To Save and Expand

Already known for the expansive growth, QNet is continuing to shift their manufacturing into India and stop production from all over the globe. By centralizing the 30 diverse brands that they offer, they will be able to promote more on enhancing the lives of their customers. The Hong Kong based company has always been known for encouraging people to live healthy, but making wise business decisions is also a part of their plan. By centralizing operations, they will be able to offer their customers terrific prices and lower their overhead at the same time.

QNet sells a great deal of products. They deal with skincare lines, as well as the health and wellness products. However, they also deal with more opulent items like Swiss watches and other various upscale jewelry items. With more than 100 diverse countries receiving their products, they are one of the largest marketing firms around. They have recently added customer bases to the coveted areas of Russia and also Europe.

Another line of their business is selling packages for vacation and learning courses. It has become quite difficult over the past few years to have so many different manufacturing facilities spread abroad. By centralizing their production, it will benefit the company and their customers’ immensely. India comes with its own challenges, but this enormous facility will not only allow them to create a united front for manufacturing, but it will also allow them to develop new products. Some products are currently being manufactured in this country, like their Nutriplus energy drink. This product was custom made for the Indian people and the production facility is in Himachal Pradesh. While made for this area, their goal is to eventually take this product world-wide and service all the people with their magnificent product list.

The company has been in business for 13 years. They have seen the rises and falls of the business industry. Moving everything to India is going to save the company about 12 percent on their overhead and employment costs. Any savings in today’s market is something worth considering. It’s been just three years since the company changed the focus of their market from luxury products to those that would benefit everyday life. Now, they are focused on life enhancement and things that increase the health and wellness of every person in the environment they live in.

Currently, not all of these products are available to Indian customers, but it is something the company is working towards. The Indian climate has changed dramatically and they feel that it would be a welcomed plus to have their facilities here. It may just be the boost needed to take this company to new and exciting levels.

Eric Pulier Advocates for Technological Advancement

The U.S. has one of the most advanced and dynamic market in the world. The survival to the fittest is the rule of this competitive financial jungle. Companies that have channeled resources towards technological advancements are the ones enjoying immense success. To curb the rising expenditure in the delivery of IT services major businesses has been out to purchase soft wares as soon as they are launched. The high demand for these technological apps, has attracted top-notch investors and established companies. ServiceMesh Company was founded in 2007 and in 15th November 2013, Computer Service Corporation officially acquired it after signing a definitive agreement.

In terms of technology advancement, ServiceMesh is a next generation IT Company. They help clients to transfer their applications into cloud computing backgrounds. They have launched a quality and unique platform that allows on-demand, self-service IT functioning models for their broad client base. They offer their services to global and established companies in the financial and health care sector. The development of Agility platform propelled it to a respected and influential. This podium enhances the positioning and control of enterprise applications across all cloud environments. This platform will reduce costs, increase productivity and encourage innovation across the technological world by creating a conducive environment.

The company has over 200 employees whose excellent track of record in computer software development and management runs for many years. They range from qualified application developers, industry consultants, and cyber security experts to versatile software engineers and sales professionals. The clients enjoy personalized and result oriented services. The Agility Platform 9.1 caters for the high demand in OpenStack; it has additional OpenStack implementations such as Folsum and Grizzly. DevOps tool chain integration and support is enhanced by the Command Line Interface (CLI). The release and launch of new software is going to be speeded up with the DevOps application. ServiceMesh brings the necessary IT transformation required for businesses to market their products to clients online and at a lower cost.

Mr. Eric Pulier is a respected and influential investor and technologist. He is the co-founder and former CEO of ServiceMesh. He is an active humanitarian and he has funded several non-profit organizations such as Ace Foundation focused to develop software that help tackle humanity grand challenges. He also funds needy undergraduate’s student to achieve their higher education dream through the program Campaign for Free College Tuition. He was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey, where he also completed his high school course. He is a graduate of Harvard University after pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is published author with many magazines and journals to his name. In addition, his articles appears in famous newspapers in the U.S. Mr. Pulier is a family man, blessed with four children that he loves spending time with when not in office striking deals.