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US Government Still Uses Windows XP

Mostly everyone has been a victim of some type of criminal activity. We’re not talking about assault or other types of violence here. We’re talking virtual. Cybercrime affects millions of people every year and saps away our time too. If your identity hasn’t been stolen, then maybe someone has tried to make charges on your bank account without your knowledge.

It’s all very unnerving and in 2014 there were 70,000 cybersecurity incidents, a new record. In the past, we’ve trusted the government to take on this colossal threat, but due to a recent report and increasing cyber threats, they may not be up to the task. A Pew Research Center survey found that less than a quarter of Americans seriously trust our government to get things done in the right way.

Brad Reifler wonders: What kind of computer system do you think the government uses? Maybe something more advanced than what we’ve seen? You may be surprised to know that the government still uses Windows XP, and that’s not even the worst part. The US Navy pays Microsoft 9 million dollars a year just to use this outdated system. So why can’t the government shape up? According to this report, the government wants a standard system, and Windows XP has gotten the job done in the past. On top of that, making a technology shift to something newer may cost them millions, perhaps even more.

Though the cost is high, don’t you think it may be worth the extra effort to protect their citizens?

Microsoft Drops Several Core Features from Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft will be offering free upgrades for one year to its new Windows 10 operating system for current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Of course, whether or not you choose to install Windows 10 is up to you. Before upgrading you should probably know about some of the core features being dumped from Microsoft’s latest release.

One of the most notable changes is the discontinuation of Windows Media Center. If you use your Windows box as a home theater PC this change may catch you off guard. Try to upgrade to Windows 10 and the next time you reboot Windows Media Center will be deleted. How’s that for a wake-up call?

Windows Gadgets will also be a thing of the past. No longer will Windows 10 users be able to attach clocks and CPU monitors directly to the desktop says Kevin Seawright on In my own personal experience they never worked well anyway.

Try to play a DVD in Windows 10 and you’ll need to install third party software to handle it. DVD playback is gone just like Media Center.

Solitaire and Minesweeper are also toast in the new release. If you’re looking to kill endless hours in your office you’ll have to stick to Reddit from now on.