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Recruiting made Easier with GoBuyside

Recruiting the right person for a job is one of the most challenging tasks an employer has to undertake at any given time. This becomes even harder when one requires the right candidate to be an honest and dependable individual who can be trusted with a company’s or its clients’ sensitive information. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside is a company that offers recruitment for financial companies globally. Founded on the need to fill the gap caused by a rise in competition for financial talent and a subsequently reduced hiring cycle in the finance industry, GoBuyside offers a tech-enabled platform that identifies professionals then screens them to suit the requirements of the client. This executive search firm monitors the job trends in the financial industry closely so as to offer the best recruitment solutions in the industry.

GoBuyside has capitalized tremendously on the current trend in the financial industry whereby most organizations are decentralizing the positions of their employees. An employee is today able to work and deliver while working from the comfort of their home. This is subsequently allowing the companies to widen their physical location while searching for talent. More applicants are now able to submit their applications, and this increases the need for a more selective hiring process. Read more about GoBuyside at

GoBuyside has invested in hi-tech software and programs that collect information on suitable candidates from various sites including social media fora like LinkedIn and Facebook. Employers are able to gather more information on the selected candidates, and make well informed decisions before they invest their time and resources in them. This added advantage swings both ways, as a selected candidate is also able to learn more about their prospective employer and choose if to proceed with the application or not.

Current job market trends also allow for companies to hire an individual for a stipulated length of time or for a particular project only. GoBuyside has also capitalized on this short term recruitment space using tracking systems for applicants, artificial intelligence and creating online job boards to fill these needs for their clients. With their top-notch applicant screening systems, GoBuyside is able to select applicants that are well versed with and have outstanding experience in the work involved specially for project oriented roles.

GoBuyside works with Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, equity firms, financial advisory platforms and investment managers who have all greatly benefited from the offered services. They highly recommend GoBuyside for the services offered, citing its connection features, updates and reviews which make it easy for employer to recruit the best candidates without them stalling or lagging behind in the day to day running of their businesses.

GoBuyside was founded in 2011, and has since grown in leaps and bounds, serving over 500 clients and over 10,000 firms that are spread out in over 500 cities around the world.