Everything You Need To Know About Product Recognition

Product recognition technology identifies objects like handbags, shoes, golf clubs, belts in videos and images through a tablet or mobile phone’s image sensor. This technology is being used by retailers and brands to allow shoppers see products in use from another person and instantly buy them for their personal use.

Typically, product recognition technology identifies a product when the user takes a photo. In most cases, users are busy walking on the streets where they take images of items they want from other people. Once a search of the item is conducted on the technology, the results produced are normally from stores that have support the technology on their inventory. The results come accompanied with a buy now button that allows the mobile phone user to buy on the spot.

Because of the big number of mobile device users, this revolutionary shopping method has a dazzling future. This is because many mobile phone users have access to the internet and a camera. Shopping is made simpler because many online shops support mobile phone shoppers with different payment options.

Product recognition technology also allows other mobile applications to identify advertisements or specific products that fall within a particular context. For instance, a mobile phone app developer may upload images of products as seen on a billboard and have the images recognized when a cell phone user with an enabled device snaps a photo of them. This solution has provided mobile phone device users with a better interactive view of available real things around them and with a possibility of not just seeing, but also buying.

Today, retailers use this technology to bring products to the customers. Since the inception of this technology a few years back, it has seen rapid development. Compared to when a shopper searches on a search engine for an item and gets a lot of results, this technology delivers results that are fewer and more practical. Because many stores have their product recognition apps when a user searches for a particular product, the results are of products that the user can buy.

Slyce It is one of the pioneer product recognition technology providers. Working with retailers, the company provides integration right into the retailer’s either new or existing app. Slyce It’s advanced image recognition technology can stream all captured images through a series of stages so as to determine matches. The best thing about this technology is the fact that it can provide exact matches for the products searched as opposed to many other similar products on the market.

Image recognition is the next big thing when matters related to making shopping easier and fun are concerned. Every retailer and store should integrate their inventory with the technology to target better sales.

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