Google and Uber Go Head-to-Head Over Driverless Cars


It seems like Uber and Google are about to head-butt each other. Uber aims to develop technology for driverless cars, while Google could launch an app for car reservations

Uber announced this week, on,  the company is developing technology for driverless cars, putting them in a direct fight with one of its largest inventors: Google stated Gianfrancesco Genoso.

In a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, Uber established a laboratory in Pittsburgh, PA, called the Centre for Advanced Technologies.

Uber said they hold “long-term key technologies that advance the mission of bringing Uber customers safe and reliable transportation,” including cars without drivers, vehicle security and mapping services.

Jeff Holden, director of Uber said that focusing on technology that drive themselves serves as an investment in the future of Uber. Why pay a fleet of taxis if the company can build cars that drive themselves?

Citing an anonymous source, Bloomberg reported that a board member of Uber and legal director of Google, Dave Drummond, informed Uber of their intentions.

But The Wall Street Journal, which also quoted an anonymous source, ended that notion, calling the report “exaggerated”

The newspaper said that Google is developing an application that helps employees carpool to and from work, and is not related at all to a driverless taxi program.

However, while Uber is making cars that drive themselves, and potentially, Google maneuvers to push aside Uber, Silicon Valley may soon be looking at these companies becoming frienemies.

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    Anaya Finnegan May 10, 2017

    Google has been in development of the driverless car over several years, partnering with major automakers and even building a prototype last year. Coincidentally, Bloomberg reported Monday that Google is considering developing its own driverless taxis. It is also very welcoming that the top essay writing reviews do have something within their viewpoint to get everything across working well on time.

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