Great Contributions of Bruno Fagali in the Brazilian Legal Systems

With the increasing scandals in the public contracts, every country is looking for legal experts with corporate integrity to curb the vice. You can be a lawyer, but you may not have much impact if you don’t uphold integrity in whatever you do. Bruno Fagali is among the integral lawyers who are doing their best to clean up the scandals and dubious deals that have compromised the Brazilian image. Bruno is so determined to ensure that only transparent deals are accepted in this country. Although the legal systems in Brazil have not been good as they should, Bruno is out to ensure the transparency campaign drive is successful. Know more about Fagali at Jusbrasil.

Through his determination, Brazil can now see a new dawn in the legal sector. Bruno has practiced law from 2006 to date, and his impact is immensely growing. Anyone looking for a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of various legal subjects such as the administrative law would go for Bruno Fagali. As a lawyer with fantastic respect and incredible experience, Bruno’s name has reached other places outside Brazil. He is the current corporate integrity manager at Nova/BS, a position he took in 2015. He has also come up with Fagali Law Firm to help him offer quality legal services throughout Brazil. Read more about Fagali at Crunchbase.

He went to Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic University to study law and graduated with a law degree. He found the university a better academic environment and opted to go back and do administrative law. As a law student with an incredible appetite for a great legal career, Bruno Fagali went to pursue state law at the master’s degree level in Sao Paulo University. He felt time had come for him to join the justice fields, but opted to equip himself first and build his capacity.

Bruno is a man who doesn’t see anything good when other people aren’t getting the justice they deserve. He uses the modern techniques to defend the rights and interests of other people. His team in his law firm is specialized in public law, election law, and anti-corruption law. Throughout his legal career, Bruno has shown strong leadership and integrity. Everyone Bruno Fagali has worked with knows he is a man who enlightens others on associates, industry players, and public entities.


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