Groups fighting for civil, human and immigrant’s rights

Minorities need protection that prevents the violation of their rights. Some laws have been passed to prevent the abuse of the human rights. Some groups have also emerged with the aim of protecting people subjected to such violation. These groups majorly fight for civil rights, human rights, and immigrant rights. The teams have spread all over the world for efficient work. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

One of these groups is The Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights(CHIRLA). The team is found in California and well known for its work in fighting for immigrant’s rights as well as individuals. The group understands well that immigrants deserve the same treated as the other people. The immigrants also need to exercise their democracy like any citizen.

They have the freedom to express themselves and participate in country’s activities. The group main aim is to change the attitude of the residents of the nation toward the immigrants and start viewing them as ordinary citizens of that country. This group, CHIRLA, was formed after the 1986 Act; Immigration Reform and Control Act.

The act was made to protect the exploitation of workers and abuse. The bill went clear that hiring of undocumented workers was illegal.

ACLU Immigrant’s Rights project is also in pursuit to curb the violation of civil rights and human rights of immigrants. The organization uses advocacy, outreach, and litigation to achieve its goals. ACLU is one of the most influential institutions in the country. Read more: Jim Larkin |

The body has become more powerful due to working in collaboration with the supreme court and district courts. It carries out the most prominent litigation program in the country enabling it to protect human rights well. Regardless of immigration status, the organization is focusing on implementation of the constitution for equal justice to all the people.

Michael and Jim founded the village voice media and the phoenix new times. The two dedicated the settlement amount from their illegal kidnap and arrest by Joe Arpaio. They have decided to use the money to fund the organizations fighting for rights of immigrants in Arizona.

The two journalists were arrested in the middle of the night and jailed after they revealed the existence of Grand jury. Grand jury demanded identity of citizens who read New Times stories online.

The move was against the law and Lacey and Larkin sued the county. After winning the case, the two got $3.75 million. They decided to use the funds to support groups which advocate for civil, human and immigrant’s rights together with their freedom of speech and participation in civic activities.

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