How To Heal From Depression without Medication

Depression can happen to anyone but is most common in women, affecting 16 million adults every year. It is also one of the top three issues in the workplace in the United States. Most people who deal with depression don’t actively seek help, this is the behavior of two-thirds of those who are affected.

There are many reasons why people don’t seek help. Some associate the condition of depression with the stigma of embarrassment. Concerned about where to seek help and how they will be judged, this keeps many people from reaching out for assistance. There is no single cause for depression and it can be triggered by a number of occurrences. Dealing with death, job loss, divorce or abuse are on the list of many reasons why depression takes place. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Major Depressive Disorder lasts for approximately two weeks. This type of depression is characterized by a low self-esteem and daily sadness that can last for two years or more. Postpartum depression is likened to Major Depressive Disorder because the mother can experience depression from less than a month after birth up to a year. Seasonal Depressive Disorder is yet another condition which can affect people during winter or months of the year where sunlight is reduced.

Depression affects your normal functions including sleep. Those affected by depression may sleep abnormally less than they should or compulsively sleep more. Activities that a person once enjoyed may cause them to feel irritated or numb. This condition is also marked by weight gain and weight loss. Some people who deal with depression do not express any outward signs of the condition. This is referred to as a high functioning depression. The person can carry on about their daily lives with severe turmoil and sadness.


Depression can lead to physical health issues. This ranges from stomach issues to headaches to tension throughout the body. Neuroimaging has shown that the brain of a depressed individual functions differently than a person with a healthy, positive outlook. Depression can lead to suicide which is a crucial reason why depressed individuals should be helped.

Neurocore has been established to help those in need and suffering from depression. The center focuses on helping people heal from all types of depression without medication. qEEG brainwave mapping is conducted in order to provide a detailed picture of your symptoms. This is followed by a customized program designed to treat symptoms.

Neurocore Centers provides a free insurance check on their site, as insurance may cover the health services. A neurofeedback program is used to help train your brain to function on an enhanced level. Read more at about Neurocore.

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