How Visual Search Technologies Are Changing the Face of Modern Technology

One of the biggest ironies of software development comes from the fact that the best tools are those which people tend to take for granted. Search engines are one of the best examples of this trend. Visual Search engines are as ubiquitous in people’s lives as water. People have a thought, and they put it into a search engine without any hesitation. The fact that it’s so closely tied in with day to day life also means that people tend to forget the limitations.

One of the biggest issues with search engines stems from the fact that it relies on textual data. This is fine for a lot of things. One can easily type in dates to find what happened on a particular day. It’s easy to use a search engine to get descriptions of things that one already has some bit of information on. But search engines are unable to really react to one of the most basic questions humans ask of the world when they first start to talk. The reaction to a total unknown is to ask what it is. And traditional search engines have no way of answering that kind of question. It’s taken some major leaps in the way researchers tackle data to find a way around it. And that new method is known as visual search.

Visual search technologies relate to the world in a way similar to humans. People are visual, and that’s how people first frame new concepts. When people see a painting, for example, their first thought isn’t of an artist. A person might be able to inquire as to who created the piece. But the first reaction a person will have is fully visual. And it’s something that can only be translated textually with some effort. And usually that won’t be precise enough for search engines. Visual search bypasses that step. It takes the role of perceiver and does the analysis itself. Then it’s able to go through a database in order to determine exactly what it’s looking at. With an entire world’s worth of information a visual search will usually be quite precise. Of course that technology is nothing without people actually tying it into a program.

Slyce is the leading company in the field of visual search, and they’ve created an entire suite of technologies around it. One of their most popular programs involves tying in visual search to existing applications. This allows one to communicate with potential customers on a whole other level. Suddenly an app can look at an item someone likes and offer suggestions from an existing inventory. Slyce is also able to create custom applications to fit any need. But most importantly they’re continuing to hone and develop the technology to take it into a variety of new and exiting directions.

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