ITEC And Its Visionary CEO Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar, CEO of Imaging Technologies, is a man of many talents. These days, his company is known as a leading developer of the software used in color management and its role as a service organization and integrator for hardware used in digital imaging. Bonar has used his experience in the industry to create the business strategy that has lead ITEC to the forefront of the industry. These days he is deeply involved in another of the company’s significant changes. They are transforming themselves from a company involved in the development and manufacturing of printing products to one deeply involved in marketing and sales.

For the past 12 months, Bonar and ITEC have been following a plan designed to leverage their expertise related to imaging products and the services they need to guide them through the company’s change in focus. They have made key acquisitions and begun refocusing of the time, talent, and energy of the staff towards searching for and developing new markets for their products and services. This is nothing new for Bonar. Throughout his career he has always shown an ability to identify opportunities for growth for the companies with which he is currently involved.

To grow the company faster and better take advantage of the opportunities the industry offers, Brian Bonar, discussed on Modern Luxury, has the company targeting small to medium-sized businesses that can benefit from the administrative services ITEC is able to provide. Once just a small portion of ITEC’s offerings, Bonar has now made offering systems integration expertise a priority. The companies ITEC is working with are ecstatic to be able to get help to handle the administrative tasks which have slowed their business operations. To better serve this growing need, ITEC and Bonar have turned their energies to acquiring strategic personnel. That enables them to take better advantage of the synergy between offering administrative services and office systems solutions.

Brian Bonar and ITEC has acquired Virginia based SourceOne Group, Inc. very recently. The company provides human resources and payroll services to small to midsized companies. Bonar anticipates SourceOne will bring ITEC more than $40 million in revenue within the next 12 months. The anticipated growth in the personnel services industry will allow ITEC to provide its products and services to a much larger customer base while improving the services, increasing profits, and retaining their customers. The company has also acquired office products resellers and increased the number of experienced, competent support and sales personnel they have.

Brian Bonar’s plan is to use the company’s improved staff to improve access to customers and capital worldwide. Their beefed up staff and expertise will enable ITEC to help small companies to better compete with larger companies for a share of the market.

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