Kevin Plank Works on Improving the Under Armour Apparel

Kevin Plank is a very successful American businessman who is truly a self made billionaire. He started his journey to wealth building back when he was in college at the University of Maryland.  His story is truly remarkable because Kevin Plank was able to take profits from a seasonal business that he started in college and turn those 3,000 dollars in profits into a billion dollars brand. The brand that Kevin Plank founded and built is Under Armour. He is not just the founder of this world wide sports apparel brand but he is also the chairman and chief executive officer. Since Mr. Plank knows what it is like to be a struggling college student he gives back to his local community. His philanthropic efforts are mainly focused in the area of improving education.  

Under Armour and Kevin Plank have partnered with a company called Virgin Galactic. This company Virgin Galactic will be starting a new service that will allow people to take space tours that will go 50 miles above the earth. The company has been working on this project for years and they have finally designed the proper spacecraft that can accomplish the goal of taking tourist 50 miles above the earth safely and return them home safely. The role that Under Armour will play is to design a comfortable but stylish space suit design so the tourists get the full experience of what it is like to be an astronaut. 

This idea is awesome and will provide a unique experience. This collaboration between Under Armour and Virgin Galactic is unique and genius. Space travel has been something that humans have been curious about and trying to accomplish for decades. Unfortunately only the chosen few astronauts have had this experience but know the opportunity has arrived for the average individual to experience space travel as well if they can afford it. The price tag for this trip is 250,000 dollars. With such a hefty price tag  Virgin Galactic wants to provide a first class experience and this includes the apparel that will be worn.  

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