Liquid that Becomes Solid When Shaken

Walk on water might be soon an action easy to do for anyone. The new liquid created by the Moratex Institute of Security Technologies in Poland becomes solid in an instant when shaken or hit. Its main use will be filling the anti-bullet vests. The liquid retains bullets better and diminishes the deflection, which minimizes the risks that a bullet can still go through the clothing. It also diminishes the bend in the fabric of the west when retaining the bullet. The ordinary vests bend and might give painful sensations even when the bullet has not reached the body. The scientists say that it is useful in other areas besides the anti-ballistic one. Soon, the liquid will be available for purchase.

The University of Delaware had worked on similar projects from 2000. Folks at Anastasia Date ( have heard that the laboratory workers called the substance Liquid Armor. They prepared a substance that would improve the doctor’s attire. The latex gloves often get broken or pierced, exposing the doctors to infections. The Liquid Armor is more resistant and would protect the doctors from cuts and needle sticks. The spacesuit manufacturers announced their interest towards the material as well.

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    Felicity Andre August 29, 2017

    This is surely a gadget that one need to have especially when living in certain areas where police are so scared that they can shoot dead. Interestingly, custom coursework writing one can have the smart solutions available because some people have had to put in the work in research to make it possible. Though there is need to have more reviews in this technology to make sure that there is not physical defection bullets.

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