New Nokia Batteries Developed

As soon as there is a new smartphone release, you can scroll among the comments of the internet users; just like Darius Fisher which noted his comments on SBA, to find statement like “I miss the Nokias which had long life battery and were so simple to use”. It seems that the tech makers have not been sleeping. Somebody heard those people’s wishes, as a matter of fact.

Microsoft, which bought the Nokia brand last year for a good sum, is about to release the Nokia 215 phone. The small old-fashion phone has a life span of 29 days! There will be a variant with two sim cards, and as they consume a bit more energy, their battery life resumes to 21 days. The price will be $29 plus taxes. Missed the colors too? Besides the white and black variants, there will be a bright green one. 

There are so many people who actually use two phones nowadays! So why not have a smartphone for the ‘interesting’ activities and a small brick phone with a forever lasting battery for work? The people who have been writing hateful comments at the modern smartphones would better start making the queue to buy a Nokia 2015. 

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    Matt Farrar January 20, 2017

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