Nicolas Krafft is the current L’Oréal’s General Manager Pulp Riot International

Nicolas Krafft, the current International General Manager of Pulp Riot International was in charge of putting together the second annual show for beauty and fashion for L’Oréal Paris was held on River Seine. It was a manifestation of the beauty and glamour of Paris, the French Capital. L’Oréal Paris has always drawn its inspiration from Paris, a city of beauty glamour and full of romance. The theme of the show was a showcase of creative diversity in women’s beauty with a floating runway 60-meters long. The unique and floating runway took more than a week to assemble and to take down. Some of the celebrity models that took the stage walking for L’Oréal Paris include Louise Bourgoin, Elle Fanning, and Eva Longoria. In attendance to the event celebrity figures such as the reigning Paralympic skiing champion Marie Bochet and the Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Also, the event provided a platform for L’Oréal Paris to continue their objective of bringing fashion and beauty to the worldwide community. Models from the other 13 partner brands also took the runway showcasing creativity and diversity in the world of women’s beauty. Also, the models form the partnering brands took the stage to showcase the latest jewelry and other collections from Chopard who was also a prestigious partner for the event. Val Garland and Stéphane Lancien are the global makeup and hair artists respectively for L’Oréal Paris and had come up with 70 new looks for the specific occasion.

The tourists and passersby were able to watch and follow the show on the big screens that were set up for the occasion. The event was filmed by drones and was broadcasted across 30 different countries in the world.

Currently, Nicolas Krafft serves as the L’Oréal’s General Manager Pulp Riot International. Before his current position, Nicolas Krafft held various positions such as the Vice President of Global Business Development in the same organization. Nicolas Krafft attended the University of St. Gallen between 1990-1995 where he received his honors in business management. Also. Nicolas Krafft studied at INSEAD in 2006 for the Corporate General Management Programme.

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