Qnet E-commerce Site Wants Opportunity for All

Qnet is an e-commerce site based out of India. It is a direct-selling multi-level marketing industry that allows people to own an e-commerce business without the hassle of having to ship items and keep track of inventory. Qnet’s main goal is to provide opportunity to everyone. They service more than 100 countries and celebrate diversity.

Qnet as well as other direct-selling and multi-level marketing have received criticism over the years, but criticism doesn’t stop people from bettering their lives through these programs.

Qnet was started in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark before the world of e-commerce really took off. In 1999, the company grew and developed into an online market becoming one of the first Asian online entities. Today Qnet has more than 23 representative offices worldwide.

The company offers products consumers and sales representatives alike can stand behind. They offer everything from nutrition and personal care products to collectibles. The compensation plan for sales professionals includes 10 different ways to earn and is called the Q10 compensation plan. The plan includes direct selling and marketing as well as recruiting others to start a business with Qnet, too.

Much of the criticism Qnet has received relates to pyramid schemes. There have been many naysayers that suggest Qnet is a pyramid scheme and a scam, however its top employees suggest otherwise. Direct marketing is not a pyramid scheme but is under the advertising branch of business. Pyramid schemes are notorious for their recruitment efforts, and recruitment many times is the only way to gain a commission. This, however, is not the case with Qnet which offers many other ways to make a commission other than recruitment. On their website Qnet indicates they live by the principles of Ghandi, where the company founders got their moto:”Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.” Rather than being a get rich quick scheme, which usually only benefits the owners of the company, they are in the business of helping others who might not have any other opportunity to have a business. Qnet does not claim to make people a lot of money easily. On the contrary, they claim that it is hard work and will take dedication.

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