Review of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

An article by reviews a product called the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, which can be used for all skin types. It costs $35 dollars as the reviewer goes into how many different people use the product. Both Sunday Riley and Allure have an unbreakable bond and go hand in hand. The reviewer remembers before about how they never knew who Sunday Riley was and the name echoed that it was a singer at first. The Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser will be making its debut and has a lot of hype behind it. The individual states that the product may look unfamiliar at first, although it truly isn’t. This is not the first cleanser to arrive on shelves as Riley and the team crafted different types of cleansers with clay in French green, bentonite, and white kaolin coloring. There are others such as olive oil ester, and neroli extract, which is used for people who have sensitive skin. What Riley and the team have created are best selling cleansers and ones that attract many people.

The aromas have changed to not being so strong as it was prior but being created with better materials and being softer on the skin. The company changed what they did because now more people can use the products, some minerals were taken out beside one type of oil, and now neroli is one that remains for better cleansing and helps in hydrating the skin. The brand also changed the packaging to make it more alluring to the eye and to customers and they even have made it cheaper – from $45 to now $35 dollars. The color of the bottle has been changed and the design of it. The reviewer states how they like the new product and how Sunday Riley has outdone herself. They praise it for being sensitive on the skin and now causing any side effects too. The reviewer also likes the redesign and even puts the cleanser in a bag and carries it around. The individual likes the product and believes many others will follow behind. Contact them on Facebook or Twitter.

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