Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Remake of The Blob

Samuel L. Jackson who is one of the stars of the MCU has signed on for a remake of The Blob. The Blob remake is going to be directed by Simon West. Simon West is known for directing action ensembles such as Con Air.

The Blob has been brought to the screen more than once. It has already been remade in 1988. Rob Zombie started working on his own version of The Blob. However, the project got put on hold.

Simon West is taking an approach that puts it more along the lines of Jurassic Park, which is something Gianfrancesco Genoso can appreciate. This probably means that it is going to have a large scale to it instead of the smaller scale that horror films are known for.

Samuel L. Jackson will star as a biochemistry professor who leads in the resistance of The Blob. Samuel L. Jackson is appearing in Quentin Tarantino’s western called The Hateful Eight which is scheduled to open up sometime in the later half of this year.

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