Sharon Prince Is Passionate About Her Work With Grace Farms

Grace Farms is located in Connecticut and is open to all of the people who want to come to it. Some of the goals it has are to create a better sense of community among those who visit it and to do social justice work. And it is on 80 acres of land and it is there to help people better appreciate nature and the world around them, as well. And it hopes to encourage people to come to love art more.

Grace Farms is set on a beautiful piece of land and the building that has been built on the land is beautiful, too. It was created to look like it fits in with the nature around it with a unique design and there is room in the building for sports and performances and a library and cafe. There are also educational events held in the building and it is large enough to hold many people at 83,000 square feet.

Sharon Prince is the founder of Grace Farms, and she started it in 2009. She is passionate about social justice work and that is one of the reasons why she started the foundation, and she also loves the beauty of the land and wants people to appreciate it.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms attended the University of Tulsa and got a business degree there. And she currently serves as the president of Grace Farms and is passionate about doing good work through it and helping the world around her after finding success as a businesswoman.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Youtube.

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