Skout Saved Me from My Social Anxiety

Want to meet new people? If so download Skout today! This app has changed how I socialize and I love it more every day! I used to never make new friends because I have social anxiety and the thought of starting a conversation with someone I don’t know in public scared me tremendously. After all, I didn’t even like to be out in public. Then one day a friend from my childhood told me she had started using an app called Skout and had met some really cool people that she was going to be having dinner with that evening at a local pub. This intrigued me as she had met these people online, through an app. I thought apps were just for listening to music and getting directions, but man oh man was I wrong. I downloaded Skout to see what it was all about and I have used it every day since! Matter of fact, this evening I will be going to dinner for the second time with a few locals that have lived in the same town as me for over 15 years! We all met through Skout and decided to have dinner a few weeks back and have been chatting all the time like we have been best friends for years.

Skout gave me the ability to connect with people from the comfort of my own home and connect with them in person on my own terms which I really loved! There are many different features offered in the Skout app that make it fun and exciting to meet new people not only in your area but from over 100 countries worldwide! That is incredible. I was using the Travel Feature just the other day and met this really cool chick who lives in Paris that wants me to come visit so she can show an American Tourist around the city! This is something I am considering thanks to Skout allowing me to chat with her and connect through an app for starters. It’s incredible how much this app has helped me break my bubble of social anxiety and I hope you will check it out for yourself!

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