Smita Shah’s Views on Technology and Research in the World of Engineering

Chicago is home to some of the best technology and management firms in the USA. One of the companies in this location that have illustrated unmatched growth in terms of structural and revenue growth is — Spaan Technology. With over $10 million worth of revenue every year, it is correct to state that the company is one of the best performing entities in the last five years. The success of the company is a product of its progressive policies and more importantly, its management. Smita Shah — one of the management members and the senior-most executive of this company — believes that the two decades have been instrumental for them as a company.

The president of this company is a firm believer in creating solutions, even in the renovation industry. Smita Shah points out that her approach to renovations has given her and her company access to a huge market. For example, the company was fortunate to work with Obama when he was a senator — in renovating his office. Smita Shah points out that the project was beneficial for her and the company in the following ways. First, it was the first significant project, and the company saw it an opportunity to show the world what his company can offer.

Second, working with the Obama office was critical for the company in the sense that it opened doors to other high profile clients. Smita Shah confesses that after this renovation project, her company received many offers — especially from United Nations-affiliated entities. Thanks to her passion and her vast understanding of factors in this sector, different federal agencies have consulted her on various projects. In the last decade, for example, she has worked with different political figures on creating policies for engineering projects. 

Her job also involves a lot of administrative decisions and in some cases — working with other companies. Smita Shah confesses that the last 15 years have been a period of relearning negotiation skills. Since the industry has no standard charges, and most of the renovations are unique, she negotiates most of her deals with other entities. According to a report by a New York-based journal on Smita Shah’s negotiating skills, the author pointed out that her ability to negotiate better deals for her company has made her company progressive. Better deals for her company means better remuneration for her employees and therefore, a positive spiral effect. Lern more:

Lastly, she is committed to mentorship programs — especially involving business and engineering. Smita Shah believes that the future of these two niches depends on how well prepared future professionals are in regards to understanding the business aspects. She has two approaches to mentorships. First, she believes that working with her is an eye opener for young professionals. Second, she invests in young people through different conferences around the USA. F

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