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Jason Hope supports biotechnology research in solving anti-aging puzzle

Jason Hope is Arizona philanthropist and technology entrepreneur. He is popularly known for supporting anti-aging research and generally being optimistic about the possibilities of technology. To him, technology has a high probability if solving human problems. As a tech enthusiast, he is always keen to explore what technology can do for human beings. In the anti-aging research, technology is being used to come up with a drug that will stop or slow down aging. This will mean that old age diseases have a likelihood of being eliminated if the current research is successful. Jason Hope love for technology has seen him contribute half a million to this research program.

The research is being done by an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This research program is happening at SENS laboratories in Cambridge. The foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey, a former artificial intelligence expert and now a researcher in the human health sector.

Jason Hope supports this research because it has a potential of eradicating diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. He is hopeful that a success of this research would be great news to all players in the health sector. The new solution would lead to numerous change in the manner in which diseases are treated. The good thing about this research is that it is not looking for a solution to a particular disease but rather a wholesome solution. It is addressing the root cause of the diseases which is, in this case, is the aging process. Jason Hope has committed to assisting the organization to expedite the research work so that the current generation can benefit. He is also pleased that the research is not only on treating the individual diseases but also repairing the body cells, therefore, preventing aggressive damage which leads to death.

The foundation has been grateful to Jason Hope for assisting them to carry out the research by donating funds which have gone to essential aspects of accomplishing the project. The foundation has committed to using biotechnology to come up with rejuvenation solutions to solve even bigger problems that face humanity.

SENS Foundation is using a very different approach from what other previous researchers had tried to do. His research is focused on attaining results in a short time and also address the key issue. Previously drugs had been developed, but they have not worked with the human body. De Grey does not want to make the same mistake.

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