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Dr. Rod Rohrich is an international surgeon, leader and an educator in the field of plastic surgery. He is the chairman of the plastic surgery department at the Texas Southwestern University medical center located in Dallas. He is also a recipient at the Rod J. Rohrich professorship in the Wound healing.

Rod J. Rohrich offers revision rhinoplasty. This is a nose surgery that is practiced to people who have undergone a first nose surgery without pleasant results. On the plastic surgery field, the revision rhinoplasty is viewed as the most challenging and complex procedure because of the nasal delicate structure and also due to the previous rhinoplasty performed before. The revision rhinoplasty is considered to be clearly different from the primary rhinoplasty and for this Dr. Rod Rohrich has dedicated most of his journal papers, international presentations, clinical research and lectures on the success of the revision rhinoplasty.

He is also proficient on the facelift. This is a modern face surgery that eradicates features of aging using a lift and fills formula. This process does not only lift the deeper face layers but also filling the cheek area that deflates when one is aging. The facelift accompanied by neck lift technique leads to a complete facial transformation. Dr. Rod Rohrich is globally known for his contribution, advancement, and teaching of the advanced facial aging and facelift practice.

Besides facelift and revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Rod Rohrich also offers breast surgery. The breast surgery consists of breast lift and augmentation to help enhance symmetry, shape, and size to improve body proportionality. He closely works with all his patients to advise and offers them with the various possible breast implants selection on the materials, shapes, implant placement and incision locations that work in each person’s exceptional situation. These selections include silicone gel implants, saline implants with subpectoral and pre-pectoral placement and numerous options that are used to reduce the incision. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a co-founder of the AiRs Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to helping women get breast reconstruction after undergoing mastectomy.