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Clayton Hutson A Revolutionary in Live Entertainment Production

The road to entrepreneurship for Clayton Hutson had him traveling many miles as a sound engineer, project manager and live tour designer for some of the most legendary names in the music business. As the founder of his own live entertainment production company, Hutson now employs his jack of all trades skills in design, production and management to work with some of the most recognized musical groups, including Guns’n’Roses, Kid Rock and Pink.

He credits the many roads he travelled within the music industry for allowing him to perfect a wide array of skills that have helped him understand the myriad aspects of what makes for a successful live entertainment production. His role today encompasses running the floor on events from start to finish, including such details as storage plans, stage management and breaking down the venue once the show closes. Hutson admits he has a “pretty solid core understanding of what works and what doesn’t work”, using this skill set to create what he calls a “grand vision” for every production.

His goal on every project is to create a spectacle that wows the client and ultimately the audience. He never rests from learning about the music and production industry’s many technological advancements that help him achieve this goal. He points to the size and power of moving lights as just one area that aids him in creating that all-important wow factor that has become associated with his specific brand of live entertainment production. Hutson also enjoys that innovative artists are using more aerial stunts and acrobatics in their shows to entertain and amuse.

Hutson is an early riser who believes it is necessary to always work ahead of what’s actually happening in the moment. One of the best parts of his daily work schedule is the opportunity to associate with people who display both passion and talent. And because his name is directly tied to every project he’s associated with, Hutson takes no chances on the quality of his work, checking, double checking and triple checking every aspect of what he does to bring the production to life. He personally tests aerial riggings, for example, because Hutson believe the buck stops with him.

Despite the ongoing stresses of being in business for himself and being required to pay attention to even the smallest detail of every production, Clayton Hutson has learned not to sweat the small stuff and keeps his priorities in perspective. He acknowledges that although the “live entertainment industry is incredibly stressful”, his ability to let go of what’s unimportant as well as having the right attitude and the ability to stay organized, continues to make him one of the most sought after producers in the music business.

Clayton Hutson the Hero

Clayton was born and brought up in the state of Michigan. He studied from Central Michigan University where he graduated with bachelor degrees in theater. He furthered his studies at Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he received a master’s in business management. He is recognized as a helper organizer for the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games. Huston is an occasion manager of production who resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Over a couple of years, he has been accredited for his competency in music production.

A lot of people know Clayton as an individual who is driven by passion and diligence in his day to day activities. The duties he handles frequently are, controlling audio music, and most importantly equipment driving trucks. He has an incredible proven track record from his previous employers like; Prince, Alice in Chains, Pink, Guns, Roses, and the Smashing Pumpkins. He has once offered his services as manager of the production for the televangelist Billy Graham.

One of the most remarkable accomplishments of Hutson is working as an operator of the rigging system for the band One Republic. In one of his specific tour, he consumed a lot of time in Asia and North America which he still used to sharpen his skills. He has worked with famous musicians such as Kid Rock, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson. He greatly loves crafting, woodworking, and values to live with his family. During the performance, he is always before the venue which enables him to ensure that everything is in order.

Clayton envisions the space of the industry functions and then assigns all the members of the crew to their respective jobs. This act ensures that there are zero delays and no forgetting of important factors can be experienced. He advises upcoming entrepreneurs to be more cautious before releasing any product to the market. Besides, he cherishes the principles of inspection, and even going an extra mile of triple checking. Clayton understands that; to protect one’s reputation everything that goes to the world must be perfect and super. Hard work is a vital ingredient of success. He believes that nothing comes from a Silver Plata. Giving the best must be the policy even if it calls to work for extended hours.