The Secret to Success at James River Capital

Over two decades, Paul Saunders the founder of James River Captial Corp has utilized his leadership skills which have played an important role in leading his team to success. According to Saunders, the six leadership styles are instrumental for an effective leader.

Transformational Leadership

This is the most effective style of leadership which requires consistent improvement. A transformational leader encourages the employees to grow through motivating them. In order to achieve this, the leader must be passionate, emotionally intelligent and energetic. At James River Captial Corp, the style assists individuals and the organization to achieve their potential. This leadership skills is linked to higher performance, improved sense of well-being for the team leaders and increased group satisfaction. It is significant to note that, in an event where the leader does not offer guidance to the team members the style becomes ineffective.

Democratic Leadership

Democratic leadership gives the employees the freedom to provide input on key decisions and the direction of numerous projects. Although the leader holds the last say, the inputs of the employees are heard, valued and acknowledged. The style is very effective at James River Captial Corp because it improves the satisfaction of the employee. It is important to note that, employees become more creative and motivated whenever they are engaged in the process of decision-making. The commitment of the employees towards organizational goals is increased.

Advising Leadership

Advising leadership is mainly utilized whenever the team is doing well on a project but needs advice or assistance in case of an obstacle. Paul Saunders utilizes this style at James River Capital Corp in making sure that his team gets the support, encouragement, and clarity they need. It is a way of clearing any ambiguity and assist the team to overcome organizational hindrance that could emerge. Self-reflection is an important practice when deciding the best style to try out.

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