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The U.S Reserve is one of the most reputable companies that is one of the major distributors of precious metals here in the United States. What makes this company so reputable is that it sources all of its metals from the Royal Canadian Mint and the United States Mint. The company is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2002.

The current chief executive officer of the U.S Money Reserve is Angela Koch. She has put her stamp on this organization because she has come in and change the culture and pace of the organization. The new culture that Angela Koch brings to the table is the importance of investing in her employees.

Her philosophy is that if you invest in your employees the employees will invest in the company and this will give a company higher returns on investment. The U.S Reserve has a rich and positive history. The reason why is because they have built great relationships with the clients who they serve and have made sales too.

Angela Koch is very much into educating her sales staff on the importance of having good character so they can really learn how to communicate with customers effectively and make good ethical sells decision. Angela Koch believes in training her employees up to the point where they can drive the business forward in a positive direction without having to be in her presence.

Angela Koch is not just focused on money but she is focused on the people and providing them opportunity for advancement and the profits will come. She is a very unique woman in our own way. She is a college dropout and a mother.

It is remarkable that a college dropout and a single mother has become the chief executive officer of the U.S Money Reserve the biggest precious metal supplier in the United States. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve INC | BBB

When she got divorced she faced very real life challenges such as just making enough money to pay rent, gas, and electricity. Her next step during these very difficult times was the decision to work two or more jobs. She worked in various different industries and she excelled at each.

She noticed the reason why she excelled at each was because she knew and understood the entire process for every company that she worked for. This is the reason why Angela Koch has the philosophy of investing in people and teaching them every aspect of the business so they have all the tools needed to excel.

Angela Koch has overcame some difficult challenges in her personal life. Some individuals facing these challenges probably would have given up. She willed herself and worked her way to success without a college degree.

Angela Koch is an inspiration for women in America and all over the globe. She is also an inspiration for people in general showing them how any obstacle can be overcome with hard work, dedication, and drive.

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