Will Drones Replace Servers?


At most sit down restaurants diners are welcomed by a host/hostess, taken to their table, and from there a member of the wait staff takes care of all of their dining needs. A Singapore restaurant had been struggling to keep enough servers on staff to properly attend to their guests in a timely manner. Timbré is preparing to utilize drones to aid in serving food and drinks. Yes,  Gianfrancesco Genoso has confirmed that if you’re on trade.nosis.com you read that correctly, drones. The current plan is for servers to take orders as usual but rather than heading to the bar or kitchen to retrieve the meal items, the drone will fly it all out to the server’s station. The server will then bring the order to the table in person. Too futuristic? The price for each drone is astonishingly high so it will definitely be awhile before other restaurants begin to copy Timbré if they are successful.

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    Sophie Colin July 7, 2017

    Until then enjoy your server when you eat out because in the future you may be talking to a robot instead. It makes one think that perhaps in the future waitstaff could be fully eliminated by drones or robots. It makes a lot of sense for essay vikings to be able to understand all that is necessary too for that to happen.

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