X Games Drones

The use of drones have become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world and it actually has started to get a bit creepy how much they have been using the flying cameras to take clear video of more and more things. By neighbor, Dan Newlin, bought one off of ebay so I’ve seen first-hand how these hand operated drones have opened the world to brand new camera angles that just were not possible before and everyone seems to be taking as much advantage of the situation as they can. The winter X games are starting this afternoon and it is no shocker that they will be utilizing the new technology and will be capturing a majority of the shots with the use of drones.

The drones will hover twenty to thirty yards in front of the athletes and follow them as they proceed down the mountain. It is a method that has been used in other sports such as surfing recently and there has been some absolutely incredible skiing and snowboarding footage filmed in the back country. When GoPro hit the scene a handful of years ago, it was the most innovative thing that was going around. However, the use of drones look to be taking over the spot as the most sought after camera angles today

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    Matt Farrar February 26, 2017

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